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Just the Facts:
Name: William "Dalion" Rivera
Nicknames: Dalion, Big Boogie G
Birthday: January 20th
Astrological Sign:  Borderline Capricorn/Aquarius
Birthplace: Bronx, NY

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Working out and hanging out with my boys.
Fave Food: Lasagna
Fave Color: Candy Apple Metallic Red and Dark Blue
Fave Guy Artists: Youngstown, 98 Degrees, N Sync and the Beatles
Fave Girl Artists: Nobody's Angel, Dream and Angela Via
Fave Car:  "My car"
Fave Place to Visit: New York
What He Likes in  Girl: "Smart, personality, outgoing, friendly, energetic and can make me laugh all the time."
Best Friend: "Ali Navaro of Nobody's Angel, because I have known her since we were young and she still manages to crack me up. And if it wasn't for her, I would have never pursued my career in singing and dancing. (Thanks Ali!)  I also want to thank Angela Via for all she's done for me. (Thanks Girl!)"
TV Credits:
-Appeared as Corporal Powers on JAG
-"Sexual Healing" (Paramount Pictures)- Charity for Aids (Featuring Helen Hunt/Anthony Edwards)
-MTV's Sisqo's Shakedown
-MTV's Say What Karaoke (Celebrity Judge w/ M2M)

Magazine Credits:
-Teen Celebrity with Ali Navarro of Nobody's Angel and Josh Keaton
-BOP- Nickelodeon All That Music and More Festival, -
Earth Jam All Around the Country High School Tour with M2M and Angela Via
-Youth in Film Awards (Now called Youngstar Awards)


Dalion with Nobody's Angel (minus Sarah) and model, Joshua Davis

Dal and two members of i-5

Dalion with Innosense

Dalion with Jesse Metcalf and James Hyde of Passions and Michael Bergin of Baywatch

Dal with the lovely ladies of Wild Orchid

Dalion with the fellas of Youngstown

Dalion and Angela Via

Dalion and Josh Keaton

Dalion with Bryce Johnson of Popular

Dalion with DC of Youngstown

Dalion and Girl Group Dream

                     Dalion with Jessica Simpson          

Dalion w/Ali and Sarah of Nobody's Angel, Amy Sue formerly of Nobody's Angel and Dallas of Youngstown)          

Dalion w/98 Degrees

               Dalion w/ M2M and their mothers

Dalion with The Water Girls



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