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Havin' Some Fun- Misc.
Check out the fellas of Je'No, having fun. Hanging out with friends, family or just having fun posing for the camera!

March 31, 2001- San Jose, Calif. -Havin' some fun the morning after a nightclub appearance with Stevie B.

March 11, 2001- Hollywood, Calif. - Je'No havin' some lunch in Hollywood.

Photo Credit: Megan "Crazy Meg" Cresci (

March 11, 2001- Hangin' Out and Universal City Walk with the Water Girls, and close friend of the Water Girls, Megan "Crazy Meg" Cresci.
Photo Credit: Megan Cresci and Addie Zafra

Cheston with his bro, Eryn

Cheston and Eryn again

Cheston and Chestoni the Je'No Frog

March 11, 2001- Burbank, CA- Hanging out after dinner at the Elephant Bar. Je'No, minus Dalion, went to dinner with The Water Girls, good friend Crazy Meg and Eryn, Cheston's brother.
Arlen with Chestoni Jr (CJ), the 2nd Je'No Frog

Arlen chillin' in the car with Water Girls, Addie (far left) and Marisa aka M-Boogie. (Far right)