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Listen to Je'No

Take a listen to what Je'No does best!
Takethe time to download them! it's worth the wait!
These will take awhile if you have a slow connection.

Once you finish checking out these clips, please visit
and vote for your favorite Je'No song. The guys really want
you're opinion!!

I Let You Go

Say You Want Me


I'm Over You

Longing for the Day

Arlen's Rap- Say You Want Me

Check out Je'No goofin' off and having some fun!! The quality of these aren't that great, but you'll get the jist of them all!
They're short but funny!!

Arlen's Rap -Arlen rappin' at the Hollywood Knights game w/Je'No and the Water Girls on March 10, 2001
Aaron and Arlen -Arlen and cousin Aaron, goofin' off with their Je'No chant.
Arlen- Suddenly -Arlen singing a clip of Je'No's new song, "Suddenly" w/Aaron finishing it off.
Cheston Thong Song -"Cheston tha thong, thong, thong"

Fa Sho- Arlen -Arlen....enough said!

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